OGTC (Our Generation Training Center)

The OGTC (Our Generation Training Center) is located in Dawsonville GA, at our new facilities that the Lord as graciously given us. The BCWE trains people to be church planting missionaries. The school teaches you how to be a leader and how to train men to be leaders, they run all year around by doing trimesters. If you have questions about the BCWE or how to be apart the BCWE you can contact us and we can point you to the right direction.

In February of 2021 we move to Georgia to attend the OGTC to train for the ministry. During this time we have learned from so many different missionaries, see how to do ministry, and had the opportunity to do ministry ourself. If you have a desire to pursue ministry but don’t know how to even begin come and check us out. Reach out and talk to our director, we want to see people to follow what God wants for your life. This experience has been life changing for myself and my family, God is so good and takes care of his children.

Learning From Missionaries

We sit in classes 4 days a week, but the best part of the classes is we get to learn from missionaries. It is a true blessing to be able to hear from the missionaries; whether they are on deputation or a veteran missionary they all have knowledge that we can learn from.We meet many different missionaries while training, some teach in our classes but some don’t. We do get the opportunity to talk with them and get to know them.

One missionary that we have had the opportunity to learn from is a missionary to China. They are missionaries to China, currently him and his wife are trying to get in to China but the doors are closed. Please pray for them.

Another missionary that we got the opportunity to learn from is James Miyashita. James and his wife Rosie have two boys and are expecting another, their family is headed back to Japan to plant their first church. During the short time that they have been state side, My wife and I have had the opportunity to do discipleship with them. Please pray for the Miyashita’s as they serve the Lord in Japan.

We have also had the honor of learning from Richard L. Wilson AKA Sam Wilson. Him and his wife (Ronda Wilson) Spent 14 years in Moscow Russia, 3 years in Tel vive Israel, Then God called him to the jewish people. They now travel to churches and motivate them.

Another Missionary that we have gotten to learn from is Kyle Shreve, He and his wife are missionaries to the country of Chile. They are finishing up deputation to be able to get to the field.

Contact Us

If you have a calling from God and have questions please reach out and we will try to answer all the questions you have.

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